The Core 7 System
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This is basically a NO risk program... also, it isn't triangular shaped, it's circular... and because of that- there is no hierarchy. I've been in the group for 2 weeks, and we have closed a whole board in 1 week, and are on the way to closing another! The program is DIFFERENT from the typical sou-sou or YES systems.

It entails a CORE/GROUP of 7 folks that fill a board of 56.  its possible and it’s working!  I'd like to invite you to our Crew room to observe, and if you're interested in joining, you can... no pressure at all.. if you'd like to observe, let me know, and I'll add you.

You can join as a single person... And as the week evolves and the board starts filling, people typically think of 1 other like-minded person that they would like to invite and work with to help them with this process.

Invite that person... and that person might think of 1 person they want to work with. These additions will create your CORE of 7. These are the people you will work with next week to FILL your new board. You will be partnered with 3 or 4 folks you don't know so that you all tap into different networks to get your 56 spots filled when you have your own board to fill.

So, you can start alone, but think about who you know who you'd like to work with.. and at least invite them.
No one pays money, until the board is full... so there is no risk.

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